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Having learnt from some of the best script consultants and creatives in the film and TV industry, I'm excited to pass on my knowledge, help other screenwriters develop their scripts, and mentor emerging creatives.


I've developed my own scripts with the assistance of script consultants including Meg LeFauve (writer, Inside Out), Andrew Ellard (writer, IT Crowd, Red Dwarf), Lynne Vincent McCarthy (script editor, The Babadook, The Nightingale), Ruth Atkinson (Sundance Screenwriting Lab script consultant), and Guinevere Turner (writer, American Psycho). I've also received mentorship from directors including Nicole Holofcener, Barry Jenkins, and Chloe Zhao.

Writer/Director Tim Marshall at the 2018 Film Independent Directing Lab with Script Consultant Ruth Atkinson

Tim Marshall with Film Independent 2018 Directing Lab Fellows and script consultant Ruth Atkinson in LA.

How can I help you?

I consult on feature film, television, short film, and web series projects in various stages of development. It's important to me that as a consultant I feel I'm the best fit for your story, and your creative team, so I take projects on selectively based on an initial brief consult.

All my consultation sessions focus on face-to-face (online) development discussions, with written notes included.

I also offer mentoring sessions for emerging creatives in the film and TV industry. Alongside my career as a writer/director, I have an extensive background in production, ensuring I provide a wide range of career advice and knowledge to my mentees.

My rates vary based on project needs and budgets. It is important to me as a queer creative to support my own community, so I take particular interest in mentoring creatives from the LGBTQIA+ community.



'As our script consultant, Tim supported and nurtured the development process for our web series, Two Weeks. His guidance, story experience, and commitment to our project supported our writers in getting our scripts production ready. Tim quickly identified what we were trying to do and created a space and framework for us to work within, based on his extensive experience and knowledge. He facilitated our writers rooms, gave notes on our development materials and scripts, and helped us gain a sense of clarity with our story. Forever grateful for his time, energy, and commitment to his communities - he was the perfect fit for us.'

-- Mary Duong, Creator, 'Two Weeks' - award-winning queer web series

'Tim Marshall is a brilliant script editor and consultant. His passion for film is inspiring. He sets a creative environment that is both professional and playful: always encouraging you to write from an authentic place. Tim's insights on story structure and character development are also invaluable, giving you a framework to work from in order to free you as a writer. If you want to hone your craft as a writer, and take your work to a deeper level, I can't recommend Tim highly enough.'

-- Chloé Boreham, Development Executive/Screenwriter

'I highly recommend Tim’s script consulting and mentoring services. During my time working with Tim, I found him to be incredibly supportive and knowledgeable. He is driven to get the best out of you as a writer and is with you through every step of the way. His feedback on scripts, treatments, or any idea I may have brought to the table was excellent and I felt supported every step of the way. I highly recommend his services to any screenwriter.'

-- Francisca Braithwaite, Producer/Screenwriter/Actor 'Home and Away'

Contact (Consultation)

Thanks for your message - I'll be in touch shortly!

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